Key Values

By connecting your technologies and systems within the Sky-Walker Integration Platform, you establish a fully integrated solution – amongst the most comprehensive on the market – giving you the following benefits:

Boost your overall efficiency
  • Full situation overview of disparate systems at any given time
  • Easily use and configure interactions between your systems, e.g. an alarm caused by the intrusion system automatically makes a specific camera record of what’s happening
  • Project data (such as users, floor plans and technology schemes) are stored in one central database and are easy to update and maintain
Reduce costs
  • The intuitive graphical user interface gives access to all connected systems. Only one user login is required to monitor and control them but the monitoring can be broken up across various users
  • Operator knowledge of only one software package is required, thus reducing training time and cost
  • All of your data is stored in one solution, which keeps your operators from assembling facts and statistics manually
Minimize faults and risks
  • Ensure correct event handling with predefined procedures
  • Call-up control command menus in a uniform way
Open and future-proof
  • All systems work autonomously and the programming of different subsystems happens through software delivered by each individual supplier of that subsystem
  • Simple COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) deployments
  • Report, conclude, modify and repeat
  • Integrated event and alarm reports are easily generated to allow the operator to see the cause & effect of alarms
  • Integrated trend logging features highlight key issues
  • Real-time dashboards visualize the current status