Webinar @ Axis Communications

16 Feb 2018

Integrated security control within reach

Jeroen Blom, our solution sales from the Netherlands, gave a webinar at Axis Communications on February 16th. The webinar provided insights on how our Open Integration Platform Sky-Walker seamlessly integrates with Axis' products in order to offer integrated security solutions for small and mid-size customers.


Sky-Walker STRATO

The webinar was mostly focused on our STRATO solution, which is the best example of combining Sky-Walker with AXIS products. Sky-Walker3 Strato is a fully integrated mobile security solution especially intended for small and medium businesses, providing the same features as large scale integration platforms.

The comprehensive and intuitive graphical user interface eliminates the need for multiple control panels required to operate the many security systems protecting a building.

Sky-Walker STRATO for Axis Webinar

The participants were presented with the synergy effects that the integration of Axis' products with the our building management software Sky-Walker would provided.

  • Unified security management in a single graphical user interface
  • Easy to install and use
  • Complete mobility with tablet integration
  • Full integration with Axis network cameras and door controller
  • Modular, cost efficient solution to match specific customer needs
  • Robust integrated reporting capabilities


Watch the webinar Sky-Walker demo yourself

We believe that the best way to understand our solution, is to see it with your own eyes. Therefore this video will guide you through a demo of our product in order to show all of Sky-Walker 3’s benefits and features, recorded in our Dutch offices in Amersfoort.

Sky-Walker Demo for Axis Communications' Webinar
Axis and Entelec Webinar
Sky Walker and Axis Communications partnership