Sky-Walker is an open integration platform that integrates all the safety, security and comfort systems within your buildings, from whichever brand or supplier, into one intuitive management solution.


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Full flexibility

As Sky-Walker is an open integrated building management system, it gives you the flexibility to select hardware, software, and support products from different vendors, based on your own criteria of function, design, and cost. They will be seamlessly networked and integrated under the same platform. This means that you get a single solution for the control and management of all separate systems and technologies, within buildings or at multiple sites.  

Multi-site, multi-sector

The Sky-Walker Integration Platform is perfectly suited to any size of project, from a single building to diverse applications in multi-sites. It is implemented globally in sectors such as transport, education, retail, healthcare, telecom, industry, finance, government, exhibitions and events.

How Sky-Walker benefits your business
  • One integrated solution reduces training time and costs
  • Future-proof: completely modular – easily add systems at any time
  • Efficient and effective management of your assets
  • Increased security
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Proven fast Return on Investment
  • Improved reliability and early detection of problems
  • Reduced maintenance time and costs
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