Smart Building

A smart building is a building that is able to provide added value for its inhabitants. In many cases, a building consists of many seperate installations that are not able to communicate with each other. With the Sky-Walker open integration platform, all these installations are connected with, and communicate with each other. Some examples of typical smart building installations are heating, PC networks, fire safety, burglary protection, lighting, air treatment, climate control, etc.

Technology can not only make the use of the building more effective but also make it more comfortable for its users. The Sky-Walker operator can have a dashboard of all linked data and systems. Think, for example, switching off the lights when a room is no longer being used. Advantages like these lead to cost efficiency.

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Sky-Walker Smart City Safety Management PSIM Facility     Safety Management

Systems designed to manage safety elements in the workplace. They are typically used in industries that manage significant safety risks but are also used in public spaces and large buildings.


Sky-Walker Smart Building Security Management PSIM Facility     Security Management

The physical security of buildings, people and assets, as well as to the protection of information, network and telecommunication systems.


Sky-Walker Smart Building Comfort Management PSIM Facility     Comfort Management

Modern buildings contain complex mechanical devices, sophisticated control systems and a suite of features to improve the safety, comfort and productivity of occupants.


Sky-Walker Smart Building Internet Of Things IoT Management PSIM Facility     Internet Of Things

Makes it possible to connect all sorts of devices to the internet. This goes beyond just computers and smart devices and so also applies to cars, screens, weather monitoring etc.


Sky-Walker Smart Building Efficiency Facility Management PSIM Facility     Building Efficiency

By monitoring the energy consumption of various subsystems in buildings in a smart way, the efficiency can increase enormously resulting in greener, cost-reducing buildings.


Sky-Walker Smart Building Comfort Management PSIM Facility     Building Comfort

Create a more comfortable environment for tenants, customers, visitors and so on. By adjusting the building systems depending on their best suited building environment.