Smart City

Smart Cities are cities that use information technology or the famous 'Internet of Things' to enable better management of their assets and more efficient governance. An inventive network of sensors and web applications registers all kinds of data, which may or may not be processed automatically. The data is used to optimize certain processes or to control technologies.

The aim of a smart city is to improve the quality of life by organizing the city more efficiently and by reducing the distance between residents and the administration.

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Sky Walker Smart City Software Public Safety Icon     Public Safety

Governments can monitor areas of high crime to improve emergency preparedness, address citizens when in a natural disaster and increase wellbeing.


Sky Walker Smart City Software Energy Efficiency Icon v2     Energy Efficiency

Through efficient systems and applications, cities are able to significantly improve their energy balance and contribute to environmental protection.


Sky Walker Smart City Software Traffic Management Icon v2     Traffic Management

Ensure better traffic flow through real -time information exchange between road users and traffic. This enables the city to anticipate traffic situations, which in turn improves traffic flows and safety.


Sky Walker Smart City Software Public Monitoring Icon v2     Public Monitoring

Because citizens and tourist can have access to the internet, a city app for example, can be used by citizens to aid in the monitoring of their own city. Operators can then handle these alarms.


Sky Walker Smart City Software Public Transport Icon     Public Transport

To ensure comfort, travelers can get real time modifications about their route. accessibility of driving capabilities, road conditions and vehicle performance making use of sensors. 


Sky Walker Smart City Software Sustainability Management Icon     Sustainability

To create an enduring way of life across the four domains of ecology, economics, politics and culture. By monitoring safety, cleanliness, crowd density, temperature etc.